7:15stop! [mon 01/26 to sun 02/01]


01/26: sewing class. here is the pattern. i am attempting to make a skirt with pockets. we’ll see.


01/27: Planwest work at a community meeting in Fortuna


1/28: the first craft night with the gals. i realized that i am bad at knitting and socializing as i had to take out a project i messed it up so badly!

1/29: no picture. isaiah and i were in the middle of a heated discussion. aka. argument. no need for documentation


1/30: delicious dinner at Abruzzi’s in Arcata.


01/31: gettin’ sleepy waiting to go  out and meet friends at plaza grill. keep in mind, it’s only 7:15p.


02/01: camera phone shot. watching the steelers whomp the cards! nice superbowl.


One thought on “7:15stop! [mon 01/26 to sun 02/01]

  1. i ADORE the sleepy pic. i think these photos are so wonderful–its like i have a little window into the life of Sara and Isaiah…

    my heart hurts today. i miss the PNW something terrible. i miss you guys. i miss bike rides and pizza nights. i miss my yard and whatcom falls park. help!


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