7:15stop! [mon 01/12 to sun 01/18]


01/12: so i started a sewing class that meets on mondays. i was in the class at 7:15 and seeing that it was the first day and all, i don’t think that those strangers would appreciate this stranger taking a picture of them under the awful classroom lights

01/13: i don’t really know

01/14: what happened to these pictures 😦


01/15: knitting and watching sex and the city


01/16: umm, knitting and watching sex and the city…


01/17: tangerine ginger stir-fry and hazelnut martini with nutmeg rim!


01/18: pizza, stories, salad, games, kids, frisbee, art…visiting the taylors.


3 thoughts on “7:15stop! [mon 01/12 to sun 01/18]

  1. Ahhh, SITC. It’s nice to see that you do something productive & healthy like knitting when watching SITC. I instead do something like drink my mimosas, curse the men on the screen and remain stubborn that I don’t care HOW the story ended I still don’t trust Big with Carrie’s heart!
    Keep them coming 🙂

  2. I LOVE these photos… and I read up on NPR about the idea behind 7:15 Stoptime… I am really in love with the concept of capturing life in it’s mundane moments, as if to say “THIS is real life”–not all that crap on Myspace and Facebook that people post. Cooking dinner, sewing classes, Sex in the City. That’s real life. Keep the photos comin… xoxox

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