isaiah and the birthday blurrrr

so i have not posted any pics of isaiah and his 30th birthday month. lame-o

i will give a quick run-through and for a more superior experience, visit tara’s blog. you can get there by the link on this page-Super T.


we went to chicago and met up with adam and tara at their new place. we had it all planned out so that friends from chicago, madison and beloit (shout out to beloit) met us there to surprise isaiah.


here are the peeps. you know who you are.


mild mannered shot of the three of us. adam in the back, looking benign until…


BLAMO!! adam photo-bombed us! sneaky.


the only thing that isaiah mentioned that he wanted for this 30th bday was a pinata. so i thought, i better deliver a pinata or else… tara and adam did a great job with this too. as we were walking in this park, suddenly, a yellow (very happy) chicken came swooping down from a tree! we all took turns bashing the crap out of this bird, i think we were getting rid of the last of the bush administration hate. sorry bird.


sam and her trophy


paul and his trophy.


isaiah wins the head. OH! OH! save me the beak!


and after a day that was way too short, isaiah and tucker dream of midwest friendships.

love you guys.


3 thoughts on “isaiah and the birthday blurrrr

  1. your posts today have made my morning—Isaiah and Tuck do the SNUGS…looking at it makes me want to go night night. oh the poor chicken–that bastard deserved it! did you see the way he was lookin’ at me? the bird had it comin….

    i heart you guys and hope that there is lots of delicious turkey and pecan pie (right Isaiah?) in your immediate future…

    xo T

  2. ooohhhhh……this makes me miss you guys even more. We are having a final four party/sleepover with J Clev, Paul and Abby on April 4th. You should totally jump a plane just to come to our stupid beloit party.

    big love,

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