the fall of the west…ooo, how dramatic

hi everyone. fall is here, already. i have been terrible about getting pictures up.oct-2008-023

i had completely forgotten how beautiful Humboldt County is in the fall. i think that i had always been too sad that river season was fast departing. but as soon as mid september hit, it seems that we have had weeks and weeks of clear, beautiful days. these skies are not plentiful in this marine environment, so we, alongside every other arcatan, have been soaking it up.


fatty hangin’ out by suzanne the bike. doesn’t she look so benign? but she is jerkier than ever!


vilas, truly the best cat ever. her only fault, she has killed three song birds. i am seriously against this, but i have to admit that the first time she did it, i felt a little proud of her natural instincts. here was this cat that for her whole life (2 years) lived in an upstairs apartment, never allowed to venture into the yard. now, she is allowed outside for three months and she has the ability to capture her own food supply! but i am still against it and she has been outfitted with a bell to warn the poor things of their impending doom.


so there is this very cool event, “pastels on the plaza”, on the, well, plaza, in arcata. we were out of town the actual weekend that the artists were creating, but we were glad to see that the pastels stuck around for a while. local businesses and independents purchase a sqare and draw whatever they like. the diversity is neat and it is a great fundraiser for the northcoast children’s services.


so slowly, but surely, we are making some friends. we have been hanging out with these great gals, emily and lora, and they invited us over for pumkin carving which is nearly the primary way to win my heart. above is a sample of the creations from that night.

isaiah has been busy on the farms. he spends about two days at G-Farm cutting cabbage, some toime at earthly edibles and the rest of the time cracking this MOUNTAIN of garlic for planting. he is still not sure what he is going to do for work for the winter but there has been an ever-so-slight amount of talk about taking some classes next spring. sooo, we’ll see.



One thought on “the fall of the west…ooo, how dramatic

  1. I am coveting the HELL out of those terquoise canning jars!!

    I like how Isiah is right out of a James Taylor song, was there frost on the pumpkins?

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