kissing cousins


no, not each other! but we did recently travel to indiana to watch isaiah’s cousin, jessica, and her midwestern lover, carl, get hitched. i was so excited to visit with isaiah’s fam ’cause it is always so relaxing and i was very much looking forward to time away from teaching and the office. the day that i was out of class, i showed a movie (oohhh yeah) and the day that i came back, tired and with lost luggage from my midnight arrival, i had arranged for a guest speaker. way to plan, planner!

the above pic is of isaiah walking down a county road near his house. the weather was cool, we walked nearly everyday and got to spend a lot of time with isaiah’s mom. jake, isaiah’s younger bro, is away at college and the house is without kids for the FIRST time in isaiah’s parents ENTIRE married life. i cannot imagine!


here is a volunteer squash with an impressive trailing vine. the farm was beautiful as ever. the barn was full of gorgeous cats. it is torturous that they are wild and cannot be touched.


vicki and i helped cheryl (jessica’s mom) the day before the wedding with flower arrangements, setup, etc. the arrangements were beautiful and i covet those turquiose canning jars! the wedding was fun and it was nice to see extended family. we typically go to indiana for thanksgiving, but with the wedding, we will be staying out here for the holiday. we had the chance to visit with the other side of the fam too, so the visit was busy. whenever we visit, i always have the thought that i need to make good money so that we can visit more than once a year.


and here are the webbies themselves, decked out for the wedding. they are so cute.

hope all is well out there.


2 thoughts on “kissing cousins

  1. what a lovely post. 🙂
    did you upload any more pictures? if you can email me a few I would love it!
    as always, it was great to see you two.

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