political disgust

did i seriously just hear McCain compare this banking “crisis” to the tragedy of 9/11?!! did i? did i?

not only is he running from one of the most important events in this election, the debate in friday, he is dishonoring those that lost lives and loved ones on sept. 11!

mcCain says that we need to “stop the politics” and help stabilize our country’s economy. ummm, politics? debating Obama on friday is not mere politics! it is a chance for the american people to see, understand, scrutinize, support, the person that will be running our counrty in ~40 days. i want to hear mcCain talk! i don’t want him ” to leave the campain until the crisis is resolved”. what good does that do any of us. i am sure that there are plenty of quilified people that are working on the problem, mcCain’s only job right now is to talk to the american people about who he is and what he believes, and HE RUNS AWAY FROM THIS ALL OF THE TIME!

do you know that he has no  longer taken to answering questions from the media. oh wait, i am sorry, in michigan he answered questions for 7 minutes. SEVEN!

ok, back to the horrid comparision. mcCain says that the two parties came together during 9/11, now we need to do away with the “politics” and do the same as we are in a banking crisis. what a ridiculous thing to say!

the banking crisis is a product of greedy, corrupt, irresponsible bankers. the problem has been coming for some time and experts have warned of the inevitable crash, especially with housing. how is this remotely the same as a shocking and devestating blow by radical/extremist foreign groups that hate american? i mean, i can understand why 9/11 brought people together (no matter what my opinions are on that situation). but WHY would we come together over the few elite, rich bastards in our country, making the rest of us suffer, lose homes, jobs, savings, etc? why would we support the government bailing out banks that have acted irresponsible? why would we reward their behavior as the big wigs keep their salaries and middle americans lose everything? why are we not investigating the fraud?

ugh. how dare you run from the debate mcCain? how dare you say that you represent the average american? you have always been in the pocket and in support of the people that have let the “crisis” happen. you are a liar and a thief, just like your best friend, Bush.


One thought on “political disgust

  1. hey Sara, its Rachel- zeke’s girlfriend. ive read a lot of your blog which is why i knew what your place in CA looked like. anyway, i was wondering if you could send me the pictures you took at the wedding… if you could i’d appreciate it. thanks!

    my email is rcnaranja@gmail.com

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