is the summer ending? tricky northcoast!

we love county fairs, so we had to do the Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale. i love the various types of poultry and always try to get a good pic thru the bars, but of course, this never works. but still, you need to see the “tina turner” chicken. i love her.

giant food is also fun. so feast your eyes on these cabbages that are as big as your head!

i then headed south for a quick trip to san diego before school started. (NOT back in school, teaching school!) here is my love, cyprus. we only got to play for about a day and a half but we did have a sleep over. she will be four in december!

we colored a bithin’ picture together as well. doesn’t she look so old?! she is so great.

i also had the opportunity to visit the minceys for an afternoon, where jack surprised me with his weed-like growth! this is us, hanging out. notice matt in the back-he is photo-bombing the picture!. don’t know what that is…check it.

it’s like when you and your closest homies are about to take a totally killer pic, where your new boobs should OBVIOUSLY be the center of attention, BUT, there is some dude, some stranger, that steals the show. (google it!)

any hooters…last weekend, isaiah and i had the chance to make it to the river for a much needed break. we are always in search if warm weather, and we didn’t have to go far to find it. here are some shots of us on the Trinity River in Willow Creek.

why the break you ask? whatever could these lazy bones’ be doing? isaiah is now working on three different farms in the area. ‘G Farm’ in Blue Lake, ‘Ed’s Farm in Blue Lake and ‘Willow Creek’ farm in Willow Creek. As the season winds down, he is looking into other work but not sure what it is in the cards. he always flies by the seat of his pants anyway, soooo we’ll see.

as for me, i am finishing up my work at Geographic Resource Solutions (Arcata) as i cannot handle sitting in front of the computer doing endless, silly work. i have started teaching at Humboldt State Univeristy, the class is Intro to Natural Resource Planning. this is work is SO challenging and SO time consuming. i am teaching things that i just finished studying myself, so i really have to research and prepare A LOT. i am settling in though as my students are fun, engaged and  interesting. i am looking forward to december though because…I JUST GOT HIRED AT A PRIVATE PLANNING FIRM!! this is a good thing, i don’t know how i am going to manage it with the other job, but this is a good thing. things are looking up in the “career” catagory. whwwwwwww!

it was windy, notice isaiah’s hat. also notice that he is still paddling while i, well, hang out (hee hee).

here he is, much more relaxed while i swim with the rope and take the picture.

where’s waldo? i am sizing up the rock-jumping situation (not peeing, thank you very much!). oh, i love that river so much.

enough of that, look at THIS cute face. vilas still continues to be our favorite creature. we often can’t believe that we get to have this fun, little animal in our lives.

and finally, your  moment of zen.


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