the tingle times continue…

so i had the opportunity to visit my best girl from high school who was visiting Laguna Beach, CA. she now lives in italy with her hubby and two year old, nicholas. she was here for the summer to spend time with her parents, friends and such.

we got together with other gals from high school, saw keanu reeves in a restaurant (no way dude! totally!), cruised around in the bay and i even celebrated by “birthday” to get a delicious free dessert. i was unaware that it was my birthday until the moment that the servers came to our table to sing to me. you can see that i was elated thought, and lifted my glass!

ps. the funny face of gina is deliberate as i told her so. she would not take a “good” picture, so this is what she gets šŸ™‚

pps. you can see that i was not too far from home as the cat took an immediate liking to me and my green suitcase. so it felt just right that i went everywhere with cat hair on my clothes.


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