the july and august times, the fuzzy tingle times…

hi! so instead of the roof in madison, Vilas has made this tree her domain.

besides the office work that i have been doing for Geographic Resource Solutions, i am in the field doing vegetation data collection for Redwood National Park. here is a redwood. it is tall. it’s wood is red.

here are a couple of the peeps that i work with- ‘robert the irie vibe’ and ‘aysik the russian’. we are in a drier, more rural area of the park.

this is bear damage on a redwood tree. i always hope that i will not run into a bear, so it won’t damage me the same way. but ‘the russian’ carries a giant, serious knife. not quite sure what good it would actually do though.

a sunny view of beautiful oxalis. tastes tangy and good in salad.

my i-heart-america-and-i-wear-an-orange-field-vest outfit on some logging road in the middle of nowhere.

a rare and lovely moment of sun in the forest, on the shoulders of ‘the russian’.

in july, we headed east to chico, ca. our good friends kile and missi live there and they showed us around their town. it is a bit hazy as the wildfires have smoked out everything!

here’s a picture of the guys in this cool creek that runs thru chico with a greenway system of trails and bike paths for miles.

…and a pic of missi and kaia (in ‘da belly) wading in the water

and as i mentioned before, there a million billion fires smoldering up here in nor cal. as we drove across the 299, we got a first-hand showing of smoke and flames

the fires have almost entirely been contained but the air quality is yuck.


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