weekend at bernie’s…and by ‘bernie’s’, i mean the river

isaiah’s front yard garden is getting bigger! today, i saw the first giant squash blossom, some green tomatoes and broccoli. he is loving the yard and is working full time at a local organic produce farm, G-Farm, that is less than 20 minutes from the house.

last weekend we got to camping at one of my favorite spots on the Trinity River, Yellow Tractor. Don’t ask me where it is, ’cause its a secret. notice the tent out in the sandbar island. its not ours but some of our fellow campers.

but first we had to pay our dues to get there. our friend, erin, blew a tire so josh and isaiah fixed that sucker on the side of the road. total badasses in my mind.

no fear, relaxing was soon to follow. and this beautiful picture of isaiah shows out wonderful reward.

unfortunately, Yellow Tractor was short lived fun as a fire guy came around to tell us that the fires were on the next ridge over and that we needed to high tail it out of there. fortunately, this great gal that we were with had parents with a sweet summer house just up the road. so we packed our tents had headed toward the good life!

don’t mind if i “double-fist it” in my radial tire floatie by the pool side (hilarious!)

but we couldn’t stay away from the river long. so here we are on party rock in the middle of the Trinity. isaiah is there in the right, ready to dive in. (ps. white shirt, not skin. )

adios river. time to be cranky and go back to work.


3 thoughts on “weekend at bernie’s…and by ‘bernie’s’, i mean the river

  1. I’m not entirely convinced that’s a white shirt…

    Pretty Pretty pictures! I want to come and visit! Isn’t there a kicka$$ Redwood race down there? A sweaty reunion – how sweet would that be?

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